A BTI Christmas Tale

Our award-winning Christmas campaign


Every year, BTI Brand Innovations creates a Christmas campaign to spread holiday cheer to our client-partners, family and friends. We use this as an opportunity to flex our creative muscles to create a compelling piece that reminds everyone of how much we care for them. We set the bar high, so every year we strive to make something even more memorable than the year before.


One of our favourites was a BTI rendition of the classic tale “Twas’ the Night Before Christmas.” Like we do with all video concepts, we developed a detailed storyboard that outlined our clever copywriting and creative imagery. Our story highlighted our strengths – helping our client-partner (Santa) get creative on a very tight deadline. 

Once the storyboard was finalized, we planned photography, perfected our illustrations and selected a classic voice-over. Animation was our final step, and brought the whole piece together.


Our video story was finalized and sent as an email Christmas card to our client-partners, friends, and family in the weeks leading up to Christmas. This campaign was awarded the 2018 Summit Creative Award for Industry Self Promotion and loved by all who experienced it, but the best part was another happy client-partner, Santa!

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