June 29, 2022 0 Comment

Christine is a diligent and dynamic problem solver, who believes in purposeful design. She found her calling in the art of design through flipping pages of editorial magazines and double-entendre logos. Christine began working as a Graphic Designer with a marketing background right after graduating from George Brown College’s School of Design. She worked with city-wide campaigns, such as Summerlicious / Winterlicious, Toronto BBQ Eats, and staged a set for a segment with CTV’s the Social for photography and B-roll footage. As a designer, Christine is always learning from her peers, her collaborative works and brand-new experiences. At the workplace, she brings her developed intuition and wide perspective thinking to her projects, while bringing a warm atmosphere.

With her free time, Christine’s life-long hobbies are super-long walks, multi-day hiking, camping, leisurely biking, driving to small towns and listening to contemporary R&B. She is also a Sudoku and a Nonogram/Picross conqueror.