June 21, 2022 0 Comment

With over 10 years of experience in design with a specialization in packaging design, Jinto found his passion when working with Kaya Skin Clinic. In just over one year, Jinto redesigned over 100 packages helping to reposition the line to target the end consumer in retail vs the sterile clinic environment. This required a new frame of thought to bring in consumer-friendly colours, fonts, and design.  Jinto has also worked with such notable companies such as Tetley, Kellogg’s and Tata Tea.

When not in the office, Jinto enjoys visiting art galleries, watching pyscho thriller movies such as the Shining and listening to classic rock. Photography and drawing are also lifelong passions. As a family man, Jinto always enjoys spending time with his 2 year old, reading stories and taking road trips around the GTA.