From Our Kitchen to Yours

Bringing Premium Dog Food to Your Door Step


As a 10-year manufacturer of private label, premium dog treats and dog food, Buddy’s Kitchen wanted to test expansion into the direct-to-consumer market. Faced with the challenge of a very crowded, largely undifferentiated market, Buddy’s Kitchen needed help with asset development (branding, pricing, logistics planning, packaging), acquisition planning (search SEO, SEM, community events, partnerships) and retention (customer service, loyalty programs, attrition management). Additionally, Buddy’s Kitchen wanted to launch as an e-commerce site on a subscription only based platform.


As a full-service marketing, strategy and creative agency, BTI supported Buddy’s Kitchen with all their needs. First a complete product, production and logics assessment was completed. Second, a competitive landscape analysis, a full brand value proposition (USP, POD), brand tone and brand assets (packaging) were developed. Lastly, go-to-market pricing, a complete logistics process, e-commerce website development, content and management, marketing collateral (videos, blogs, newsletters) and a test market to identify any issues and to address them prior to launch was completed.


In 6 months, Buddy’s Kitchen Direct, doubled in growth every month which is unheard of as a subscription only business. Due to the segmentation focus of the plan to target pet parents with problems, the consumer base became very loyal quickly resulting in high retention rates. By solving their problems with food, the brand received strong word of mouth testimonials and quick acceptance into local communities. First time purchase after consultation was 85%, attrition was under 9% – exceeding start-up companies key performance indicators benchmarks.

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