The Roundup™ App

The Definitive Guide to Buying, Cooking, and Enjoying Canadian Beef


The Roundup™ app, by Canada Beef, has been a relied upon digital resource for consumers and tradespeople alike, but the technology used to build it became obsolete and was no longer supported. It was the perfect time to refresh it for our existing users, and a great way to reach out to our younger audiences too.


We decided to refresh and rebuild the app using native iOS and Android technology to ensure longevity and scalability. Along with a solidly developed core and improved user experience, we modernized the user interface while still maintaining some familiar aesthetics. Based on usage analytics, we carried over only the essential content; beef cuts education, cooking methods info and tips, recipes, and videos, which also helped to reduce the file size. Additional user engagement improvements included the ability to both, send out push notifications, and, acquire more detailed analytics. A demo video and digital ads were also developed for launch promotion. And all of it was produced in 3 languages; English, French, and Spanish.


The result was a visually engaging, user-friendly app, that remained essential to beef and meat lovers and learners. Just 1 month after being live we reached over 2000 unique downloads with numbers continuing to grow. This robust app proudly grounded Canada Beef within the current digital landscape.

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