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Beef is real meat. But real meat was almost a taboo topic toward the end of 2019 and into 2020. BTI developed The One & Only BEEF campaign to respond to the rise of plant-based simulated meat products, with the goal to raise product awareness and spark a proud, and renewed affinity for beef. With a traditional media mix in place, we wanted to go beyond clicks, reach, and views—we wanted to entice true engagement to really get to know our audience and offer that first-party data to our Canada Beef client partner.


We partnered with Contobox, for their unique programmatic advertising capabilities, and built a highly interactive ad unit comprised of not just one campaign message, but instead, the bulk of its content. The One & Only Beef ads brought guests right into the ad unit to explore and experience the content presented, which included a variety of recipe videos, fun campaign videos, an Instagram contest, and more. Each unique guest that entered the ad unit represented an engagement, and each move they made was tracked to build an understanding of what content was most meaningful.


In our 10-week Contobox campaign, we exceeded engagement goals set within our budget. We learned what content was most interacted with, for how long, and in what order.

We generated a VCR% of 70% which is above the Contobox benchmark of 60%.

Once a user interacted with the unit, they spent an average of 5.8 interactions within it.

The average time spent in the unit was 23 seconds—almost double the Contobox benchmark of 12 seconds.

The campaign was a great success, and a very positive venture for Canada Beef, into new media territory. It also sparked new ideas for future interactive outreach opportunities.


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