A Multi-Purpose Content
Strategy with Loads of Fun

Engaging beef-loving audiences everywhere


Canada Beef wanted to continue to keep their beef-loving audience engaged during a time of global uncertainty and distraction. To manage tightened budgets, they needed to look for smart ways to produce relevant content to utilize within multiple touch-points. 


The strategy included development of a 2021 wall calendar that would be in front of consumers eyes on a regular basis. The calendar content was written and organized into 6 categories: beef info, beef essentials, beef facts, beef jokes, beef myths, and beef lover statements. Twelve informative graphics were developed for each category, giving Canada Beef 72 images to layout within the calendar and also incorporate into their social media content strategy. The images were repurposed into social media posts for Facebook and Instagram interaction.


The calendar was distributed to a variety of audiences such as Canada Beef stakeholders, partners, staff, and members of various affiliates. It was also available for the general public to order online. The feedback was so positive that a 2022 calendar and social media content strategy is already planned for next fiscal.

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