Beef—The Real Meal Maker

Beef-inspired recipes for healthy plates


With the rise of plant-based proteins and conflicting nutritional guidelines, beef was facing a lot of disparaging, public dialogue. Having and knowing the long-standing factual benefits of beef consumption, Canada Beef wanted to remind folks that beef does in-fact have a place in our meals.


Four recipe videos were produced as part of the 2020 nation-wide, ThinkBeef consumer campaign, which was based on BTI’s overarching concept; The One & Only Beef. The recipes were selected from the ThinkBeef Healthy-Plates recipe series, which were developed in-line with the new Canada Food Guide. The beautifully shot videos lived on the campaign website, and were used as part of a digital and social media ad campaign running on Facebook and Instagram.


The video ads drove an increase in traffic to the respective recipe pages on the website, and garnered much positive engagement in commenting and shares.

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