Changing Behaviours

Reimagining How to Help the Less Fortunate


How do you drive awareness for a problem that is hidden in plain sight? Eden Food for Change is a Mississauga food bank dedicated to providing fresh food and education for the city’s less fortunate. Engaging corporate and private donors on a more personal level to drive up donations was the challenge. A story was needed to build awareness, consideration and behaviour change. That’s when BTI was called.


BTI looked at this problem strategically. First understanding the social problem of hunger. Second, focusing in on the target markets – corporations and private citizens. Third we needed to learn, through research, what the key triggers were for corporations and individuals that motivated them, engaged them and then moved them to action. With this information, BTI developed a very compelling, emotional campaign based on the impact of poor nutrition due to the lack of good food. Print, transit, cinema, social media, out-of-home were channels we recommended to drive maximum awareness with a clear call to action “you can help change lives in your community”.


The client was blown away. BTI hit every mark and drove excitement among the management team. As a Not for Profit, Eden was not able to execute the full media campaign, however undeterred BTI wanted to take this great idea further. BTI was so proud of the work developed through this campaign, we entered it in the Summit International Awards under The Best Idea Never Produced…and we won a Silver! Killer ideas lead to spectacular results.

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