Pharmaceutical Economics Innovation

Secure, online real-time payer portal.

Challenge is a secure, online communication portal that facilitates and simplifies the submission process for drug reimbursement in Canada. This submission system alleviates much of the time and costs that would typically go into producing the traditional hard copy registration dossiers (information binders). The challenge was to create awareness around this industry-new platform, among potential users and new and existing clients.


After a thorough analysis of the current and new process, the demographic of decision-makers, and more, BTI developed a launch kit that would grab the attention of the core recipient audience. The launch kit included an informative booklet wrapped in a uniquely shaped, soft-touch enclosure with a clean, branded introductory letter. Instructional access cards were also created for each subscribed manufacturer to distribute to private payers and hospital committee members. Other promotional tactics included designing the look of the online portal, a pop-up banner graphic, and access cards custom branded per manufacturer client.

Result now has a distinct and professional brand image, and a unique, and compelling information package to equip the sales force in both, communicating the service to users, and acquiring pharmaceutical manufacturers as clients. Both the portal and the marketing support have been deemed successful based on a constant flow of clients and users ever since first launch.

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