Justice for Fruit Juice

Great tasting fuel for the body and mind


In 2005, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California, banned the sale of soda in high schools which posed a challenge for the carbonated beverage industry. 4U2U brands took this as an opportunity and partnered with BTI to turn this potentially devastating ruling into a disrupting force within the industry. Using the statewide ban of on soft drinks in high schools as inspiration to launch an all-new beverage line for students – Fruit 66 was born, free of added sugar, with light carbonation and 100% fruit juice as a healthy alternative to soda.


BTI conceptualized the development of the Fruit 66 brand, including the name (a nod to the iconic Route 66) and ensured the packaging had a look and feel that would resonate throughout the various target audiences (nutritionists, school boards and kids). The launch of Fruit 66 was seamless and impactful due to the 360-degree marketing plan that included enticing packaging, a competitive and creative trade show activation, insight-driven integrated marketing collateral, and at the time, a state-of-the-art social media and digital marketing strategy.


By taking the time to understand this unique opportunity, BTI was able to successfully launch Fruit 66 with an overwhelming response and built on it with a line extension, targeting an edgier, college-aged audience, with Fruit 66 Epic. The brand’s customer engagement on social media increased by 1,000%. As a result of the aggressive launch campaign, Fruit 66 was listed in local school boards in California, and eventually, school boards in over 30 states. Because of the success of this launch, BTI was retained by 4U2U Brands to support Fruit 66 until the brand was acquired in 2015.

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