Exceptionally Smooth.
Unforgettable Taste.

Telling a story through packaging


Whisky is known as a drink for people with refined taste. Having their favourite brands always displayed in their home with a few crystal glasses, whisky lovers take pride in their collection and it matters to them how their lavish drink bottles are packaged and designed. Creators of Jaan Whisky wanted their customers to experience the true artisan craft through not only the smooth taste, but also through the packaging, and make the bottle a centrepiece in their collection.


BTI conducted a deep dive to understand Whisky drinkers’ psychology. We worked to bring alive the true essence of the brand while ensuring the premium design of the box would stand out on retail shelves. The intricacies of design and motifs on the bottle as well as the box help to convey the story of the unique experience of tantalizing flavours from the east combining with flavours from the west. The premium black box was enhanced by a subtle spot gloss varnish of the motif and small accents of gold.


The new Jaan Whisky bottle and outer packaging encapsulate the rich legacy of the brand. BTI designed detailed brand elements that reiterate the promise and build perception with every touch. Those little elements that stand out, reaffirm and reassure purchasing decisions and add a level of pride not only in the Jaan whisky ownership but in how they feel when they share their bottle choices with friends.

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