Educating with Elegance

Smart appliances are the stars in these dramatic “how-to” productions


JennAir is an appliance brand on the cutting edge of both premium style and modern technology. The integration of smart appliances and mobile apps are redefining how users experience and interact with their kitchen tools.

JennAir wanted to showcase their products and their smart features to educate current appliance owners and to excite potential ones. 


BTI created a series of 9 “how-to” videos that highlight product design, use, care, and ease of connectivity. Working closely with JennAir product experts and a food stylist, BTI planned and executed the entire project, from scripting and creative direction, to filming, editing and voice-overs.


The videos displayed the elegance of the appliances and ease of the culinary experience through the use of the JennAir mobile App. All videos are hosted on the JennAir website and branded YouTube channel to help viewers develop familiarity with appliances and enhance their culinary experience. BTI received a Gold Hermes Award for creating these videos.

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