A New Vision of Luxury

Immersive training experience via digital platform


JennAir underwent a rebellious brand revival that aimed to revolutionize the ultra-premium appliance category and redefine what luxury means. Out of this, two design expressions were created – RISE and NOIR. Wanting their trade partners to experience the products in person, the brand team organized a product launch and training experience at the JennX showroom in Chicago. However, not all partners could make it, and the brand wanted to give them an experience too.


Bring the on-site training experience to the trade partners who could not attend the launch! JennAir brought on BTI Brand Innovations to produce launch videos using the live presentation style delivered on-site, by the JennAir product trainer, and the Senior Marketing Manager. Each product, of both design expressions, was introduced with the presenter’s detailing all of the new and key features deserving attention. The videos included shots of the showroom space, and up-close-and-personal shots of each product.


Nine videos were created, covering all product categories as well as the psychographic rationale behind the brand redesign. The videos were distributed and made available to all partners, who were grateful to be thought of and catered to. The launch continued with a successful rollout and a ton of buzz around this new vision of luxury kitchen appliances.

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