Reducing Stress Through Wearable Technology


While 21% of Canadians meditate, 68% identify stress and anxiety as a significant problem. After launching a hugely successful first-of-its-kind, meditation assistive wearable, Muse™ – the brain sensing headband, once again turned to their partner BTI to help them launch Muse 2. The new device would be targeted to a broader audience looking for tools to help them relieve stress through biofeedback measurement. Needing to clearly communicate this new augmented wearable that provides real-time feedback not only on brain activity, but heart rate, breath, and body movements as well, BTI welcomed the challenge to visibly differentiate the two distinct versions at retail.


First, the packaging. As packaging experts, we approached this project from a 360 degree perspective. We considered all 6 outer panels as well as the 4 inner panels of the box-drawer. Because the new Muse 2 headband was sleeker, lower in profile than the original with a soft-touch finish and unique colour, we highlighted these features on the main panel to draw attention to the new look using photography and spot gloss. For the side panel, based on BTI conducted consumer research, we recommended featuring a wide variety of users to broaden usage appeal. Finally, the back panel illustrated the various mind/body sensors while highlighting the benefits of each – in English and French.

Next we tackled the retail display. BTI applied the same minimalist design to the display approach using an intrusive image of a user to draw attention. The two headband versions were mounted to the display along with an iPad playing a video demonstrating product use. Crisp graphics and carefully BTI researched messaging provided consumers with easy to understand information to help them make an informed purchase decision.


Muse 2 was launched with strong media plan, being featured on CNBC, Men’s Health and Mashable. Media drove consumers to stores like Best Buy, but to close the purchase cycle, visually stimulating and clear messaging via interactive displays and packaging helped move consumers to buy. Sales to date have far exceeded expectations.

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