Strategically Leveraging Insights

Creating New to the Category Packaging


When Muse launched a revolutionary new wearable technology, they were disappointed with the initial sales results. Muse conducted research, information was gathered to better understand the issues however they needed a strong, strategic agency to translate these data points into insights and then insights into motivating creative. They called BTI.


BTI was asked to leverage the research into a creative story that helped to better communicate what the product was, its benefit and how to use it. Given this was a new technology in the category, this was no easy task, but BTI approached this challenge strategically. We developed an insight report based on the research to connect what consumers were confused by, frustrated by and wanted to learn from the packaging. We used copy, images and the dimensions of the package to help tell the story. Building a strong, unique, storytelling package creative that stood out on shelf.


Success! By revamping the package to be more descriptive, using graphics to demonstrate usage and simpler language, sales improved. The client was so pleased with the outcome, we were asked to help develop their display units now used in Best Buy stores across Canada based on the successful messaging of the packaging.

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