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Emily Taraborrelli
On a professional front, 2022 was a year of tackling and then acquiring insights from a variety of fun and interesting projects. I look forward to using all of that valuable learning with our 2023 opportunities. On a personal note, I discovered the precise benefits of pilates, and I’ll be continuing that journey throughout this new year. Along with eating more fish. 


Jinto Mani
My personal win of this year has to be learning new baby tricks, from bathing to trimming nails, to their sleep schedules. I am looking forward to spending more time with my toddler Haven and I am very excited and more than ready for paternity leave this summer. Professionally I got a lot of hands-on experience in UI fundamentals and wire-framing. This year I plan to dive deeply into UI/UX and am curious to see what AI can do in design and art.


Samantha Ashley
My win/highlight from 2022 would be finally getting out attending public events/places. After being restricted for a couple of years my family and I got to enjoy new adventures together (a lot of firsts for my daughter). One thing I am looking forward to this year would be watching my daughter complete her first year of school and attending her school events.


Brittany Zies
My personal win from 2022 was leaning into my role away from BTI while I was on maternity leave, and enjoying time with my three little kids. Even though it was a bit wild at times, everyone says that it goes so fast, so I wanted to be present and enjoy every second.


Jeffrey Kim
My personal win last year was that I became more versatile as a digital content editor. I had opportunities to work on live filming and social video content editing which is important in today’s digital content world. I am grateful to learn new stuff every day and look forward to getting involved in more production in the upcoming year.


Thera-lee Rego
My personal win from last year was leaving Ontario for a more calming lifestyle out on the east coast in Nova Scotia, taking up kayaking, karate on the beach, and living more in-tune with nature.This year I am looking forward to finishing up my reno’s for my house, visit my family and editing my videos of our journey to NS and reno’s to put up on my youtube channel while keeping up with the latest in the adobe software world.


Christine Kao
I love to sketch in my free time and I was more than thrilled when I finally finished a sketchbook last year. For this year I want to be more physically active and be more regular in the gym. Professionally I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in digital illustrations.


Naina Trivedi
My personal win of 2022 was trying to stay more active than last year, giving back to the community and overall mental peace. Professionally I am looking forward to learning all about AI and its integration within social media platforms, and I can’t wait to see the growth of this emerging industry. And personally, I am challenging myself this year to be a better swimmer.

Chesney Williams
2022 was a year of growth. Professionally I jumped into a new role, and I was blessed to work with really unique and exciting brands. Personally, I got closer with my family. My goals for 2023 include spending more time with family and doing more physical activities together to make sure we’re all staying active. I look forward to using the insights I gained last year to apply to current & upcoming projects.


Creative concepts for rebranding or rebrand in marketing
Including brand ambassadors as part of your marketing, social media, experiential marketing and communication strategy can go a long way in helping the company reach their sales growth and in generating more revenue.
Including brand ambassadors as part of your marketing, social media, experiential marketing and communication strategy can go a long way in helping the company reach their sales growth and in generating more revenue.
In a world of likes, comments, shares, engagements, and reactions. How do you really measure success for social media campaigns?

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