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Samantha joined the team in February 2022 as an Office Manager.

Her experiences in BTI have been “Amazing.  I have never worked somewhere where everyone is so friendly, warm and delightful.  I felt so welcomed when I started ,and felt like I was a part of the BTI family right away.  I look forward to experiencing new things and taking on new challenges with BTI as I gain experience in my role.” Samantha adds,  “My personal highlight would be changing my career back to what I went to school for and loving it (I did Health and Safety for three years and went back to accounting).


A very warm welcome to all of our new Connectors!
Now let’s hear from the rest of the team about their highlights or wins of the year.


I have had some big wins and major losses in 2022. On a personal level, the year started off with moving into our new home that wasn’t completely ready, to the unexpected loss of my brother, Pardeep, from which I am slowly recovering. As for BTI, we are having our best year ever since our inception in 1999 and are looking forward to what 2023 has in store for us.


Giving back is very important to me, and this year my personal win was becoming the volunteer Run Director, Logistics for the CIBC Run for the Cure Logistics for the Markham/Richmond Hill site. After being virtual for the last 2 years, we had no idea of the turnout we would get. We had an amazing Run Day, with over 1150 participants and raised close to $300,000 at our run site.

Interacting with people continues to be a highlight for me. Whether it is building relationships with client and vendor partners, or working with our amazing team of Connectors, making and building connections is key for me. 


We are always learning and growing in our roles at BTI. I continue to improve on what I can offer our client partners and how I can support our own internal team. My personal highlight for this year is adopting a senior (16-year-old) cat named Lady, and she sure is a majestic and relentless Queen. 


2022 was a great year because my family and I were able to travel to the US and visit family which we hadn’t seen for two years. We continued doing some minor home renovations to our home and extended our summer vegetable garden, which included tomatoes, peppers, corn, carrots, squash, and onions.

Professionally, 2022 was very exciting as I got to work on a ton of fun branding projects, along with new product launch campaigns for Redecan.


2022 has been a year full of blessings and learning. My family welcomed our cute little baby daughter this year, and I feel truly blessed and grateful to have a happy and healthy family. Professionally I worked on UI designs for many digital and web projects. I even learned key UI design tools and explored user-centred design methodologies, which were very interesting to learn about. 


This year I’ve been working on enhancing my Photoshopping skills and just honing in on proper scaling, lighting and perspective, plus more. I’ve been obsessed with a YouTuber called Benny, who can basically create anything from nothing.  He is inspiring to watch, and because of this, I’ve just taken a few online classes to improve my skills in the Photoshop world. This year was huge for me in terms of personal growth. At the beginning of the year, we made a very hard decision to move from Ontario to Nova Scotia for a lifestyle change. My husband and I bought a fixer-upper home in the woods and have been working on making it ours. We have a ton of renovations, all of which are being done by ourselves while juggling work and personal life.


This year has been of the most beautiful year of my life. This month I turned 25, and I have never felt this grateful for my life, family, friends and health. For my personal highlights, I have been focusing a lot more on my personal and mental health this year. Professionally I had a great time working on projects which needed some support to create a buzz, in which my PR skills came in very handy. I also learned a lot of new things about social media, and I love implementing them in our projects. 


Creative concepts for rebranding or rebrand in marketing
Including brand ambassadors as part of your marketing, social media, experiential marketing and communication strategy can go a long way in helping the company reach their sales growth and in generating more revenue.
Including brand ambassadors as part of your marketing, social media, experiential marketing and communication strategy can go a long way in helping the company reach their sales growth and in generating more revenue.
In a world of likes, comments, shares, engagements, and reactions. How do you really measure success for social media campaigns?

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