Integrated Tradeshow Marketing

Memorable Marketing from an Event and Beyond


As a technology company in a competitive and fast-paced industry, Packetlabs challenged BTI to develop a variety of tradeshow materials that would display their points of difference, set them apart at industry events and allow them to effectively track and follow up with leads post-event.


BTI developed cohesive marketing materials from the tradeshow booth itself, printed collateral, branded wearables and giveaway items. After the tradeshow was complete BTI strategized a detailed drip email campaign to follow up with leads and promote a special service offering from Packetlabs.


The newly designed tradeshow set up has been at over 10 events over the years and has helped Packetlabs stand out from the competition. The drip campaign was responsible for a 15% increase in website traffic and started many new business conversations for the Packetlabs.

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