A Custom Cannabis Training Toolkit

Uniting Canada’s budtenders through a proprietary learning management system


BTI was challenged to develop a digital space and curriculum to empower Canada’s budtenders. The tool had to highlight Redecan products, features, and benefits in a way that would excite and unite dispensary teams about Redecan as a company, as well as their products. 


BTI created an online Learning Management Systems (LMS), The Redecan Institute of High Education, which launched in Q1 2021. Here, budtenders are rewarded for completing lessons about a wide variety of topics. Lessons are available via and also in a customized course training binder. BTI developed a variety of courses with modules on the company, key products, medicinal applications, and marketing each with a point value. 


The result of The Redecan Institute of High Education is a network of budtenders turned Redecan brand advocates in dispensary locations across the country. The intuitive and rewarding tool is an effective way to share information efficiently, communicate and connect with the frontlines of in-store sales all the while showcasing a passionate brand with a wealth of knowledge to share.

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