Times like these call for
an unprecedented pre-roll.

Marketing in a heavily regulated and competitive landscape


BTI was challenged to develop a marketing campaign for Redecan pre-rolls “Redees” – an innovative product that was released to the market in the year prior. Our goal was to create brand awareness by celebrating the unique features and benefits. 


BTI began by understanding what consumers were looking for in pre-roll products. By doing this, we were able to identify the key benefits of Redees over traditional pre-rolls – resulting in our “A Perfect 10” campaign. The campaign included new hero product photography, innovative merchandising, creative design for printed POP materials (tent cards, banners, and t-shirts), sell sheets for retailer support, a buzz video, as well as an in-depth media plan to ensure the campaign was communicated from coast to coast.


The “A Perfect 10” campaign began in January 2021 and has since isolated key product benefits into digestible and memorable speaking points for retailers and consumers alike. The refreshed product branding has made Redees stand out in the pre-roll market, giving this unprecedented pre-roll the attention it deserves. 

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