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Building Brand Focus and Consistency


As an economic pillar in Ontario, the RIC Centre (Research, Innovation, Commercialization) supports entrepreneurs through marketing, finance, manufacturing advice and mentorship. Despite 10+ years of success, the RIC Centre was suffering from inconsistent messaging and logo usage, sub-brands lacking a strong connective look and without the strength of a clear focused brand foundation. The RIC Centre asked BTI to help create consistency in their brand, story and look.


As a full-service marketing and creative strategic partner for businesses, BTI got to work building the overall strategy.  We did this by collaborating with the client to distill volumes of data into a 1-page brand foundation document. This became our map to first create the tagline, what the RIC Centre stands for. Within the Brand Foundation we identified the positioning statement which supported the client’s strengths, points of difference and delivery of service. Based on the Brand Foundation, BTI wrote a simple yet targeted brand story which could be used in any number of acquisition channels (print/mail, print/events, online/digital). BTI further created templates for ease of use by the marketing team to maintain consistency when using social media headers, brochures, banners, and take-aways.


The RIC Centre’s marketing team now has the tools to build out the marketing collateral they need to attract entrepreneurs to build their members. BTI not only made the RIC Centre’s life easy by creating valuable tools to manage the brand’s image, language and differentiation but managed to bag a Platinum Hermes Award.

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