Tapping hearts of
the internal audience

Strategically driven corporate reintegration process


Select Food Products Ltd. is well known in the food industry within Canada. It has a rich, strong legacy and 75 years of experience in manufacturing dressings and dipping sauces. When new ownership acquired the brand in 2015, they decided to give a fresh spin to the culture of the company. The challenge was to get the existing workforce to accept the changes of the organization.


BTI Brand Innovations recommended an interactive workshop with key employees from different departments to brainstorm together and work on a new vision, mission and values. The BTI team further refined the statements to give them a strategic angle. Based on these new corporate pillars, the BTI team conceptualized and designed posters and other material for internal communication. It was crucial to constantly communicate and remind the employees of the brand’s core values.


By being part of the workshop, the employees felt one with the company. It gave them a sense of pride in building the brand’s new values. The posters placed within the office and different departments reinforced the feeling of belonging and team culture. It established an instant connection between the company and their employees.

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