Integrated Marketing

The only thing that is constant is change.

At BTI Brand Innovations Inc. we are a team of connectors that inspire change. We challenge ourselves daily, seeking out new innovative solutions that connect brands to people and people to brands, ultimately inspiring change in behaviour, change in brand preference, change in buying habits, change in the way we interact with brands or change as defined by your brand challenge.

We thrive on curiosity, striving to discover new insights through strategy and explore new industries. Our passion is creativity, providing out of the box solutions and stunning design to connect with our audience. Our success comes from our collaborative approach, working in partnership with our client partners to achieve the best results. The team of connectors at BTI will make your life easy.

At BTI, we have an unmatched reputation for delivering effective integrated marketing solutions using the right mix of the following services:







How we do the great things we do comes down to our team of connectors.

Connectors are changemakers, visionaries, dreamers and innovators who share a common passion for connecting brands to people – and people to brands. Get to know our team of connectors by reading our profiles and give us a call so we can to get to know you as well!

Parveen Dhupar

Shashi Ghai

Danny D'Amario

Emily Taraborrelli

Brittany Zies

Jinto Mani

Farissa Knox

Doug Lawley

Maher Elzeiny

Sal Marchant

Meira Khosla

Matthew Bennett

Connectors providing exceptional brand representation across Canada.

We will build a team of dedicated brand champions doing whatever it takes to grow your sales in the “last 3 feet” ensuring your products are “top of mind” and “front of shelf” at the store level. Coupled with our eLearning platform we empower sales associates with brand product knowledge at their convenience. BTI is Canada’s only agency offering a national one-stop-shop for all your marketing, training, sales and In-store merchandising representation needs where marketing and sales work together to achieve your goals. Meet our connectors team of territory managers who represent Redecan, Canada’s #1 Cannabis Brand.

Cindy Burke

Deirdre Veit

Megan Hood

Julian Hooker

Ali Abbas

Joel Brown

Lewis Cromwell

Shaune Leung

Cori Loiselle

Kelly Joseph

Tida Tim

Carter Lanski

Hannah Treadway

Josh Davis

This Could Be You!

Sister Companies and Initiatives

Connecting and solving very specific challenges

Through our sister companies, we support our client partners specific
“digital content” and “diverse community” needs. As giving back is very close to our hearts, we’ve also created programs and initiatives to support these values. Meet the family below.

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What our partners are saying

Testimonial Image

"We could not be happier with the results of this rebranding project for LAC. I always recommend BTI to friends and colleagues and I look forward to working with the team again in the future."

Rob Hart

Director, Marketing & Communications Living Arts Centre

Testimonial Image

"We were very pleased with the results of the Cashmere UltraLuxe Bathroom Tissue launch campaign executed by BTI. The feedback from our team and retailers was overwhelmingly positive, and as a result, this campaign set the standard for future product launches."

Stephen Turner

Vice President – Market Development and Consumer Insights Kruger Products LP

Testimonial Image

"We can always count on BTI to be at the cutting edge of industry trends and technology. They have proven to be a true partner with whom we collaborate daily. I would highly recommend BTI to any organization looking for assistance with marketing their business or product."

Sanjay Soni

Founder, Managing Lawyer Nexera Law Group

Testimonial Image

"Over time our relationship with BTI has grown from tangible marketing materials to digital marketing and branding support. It is rare to find an agency as well versed in so many services as BTI. They are our trusted partner and advisor."

Richard Rogerson

Managing Partner Packetlabs Ltd

Testimonial Image

"BTI was responsible for building out our new website which is more reflective of who we are and we are seeing more traffic, better results and more leads coming through our website. We can always count on BTI to provide expertise and marketing insights, no matter what the ask."

Scott Archer

Connected Accounting & ERP Product Manager Accountek Solutions

Testimonial Image

"BTI played an important role in establishing our brand and vision. Our meetings with BTI were very exciting and professional. The whole group had lots of energy and we had fun as we shared ideas, brainstormed and planned. I am grateful that BTI was our partner."

Naveen Seth

CEO, Seth Commercial Corp. Chaska

Testimonial Image

"BTI played an important role in establishing our brand and vision. Our meetings with BTI were very exciting and professional. The whole group had lots of energy and we had fun as we shared ideas, brainstormed and planned. I am grateful that BTI was our partner."

Sahib Rana

CEO, Seth Commercial Corp. Chaska

Testimonial Image

"BTI created the roadshow concept, and continues to manage and execute the cross-Canada training experience on behalf of Whirlpool. BTI always ensures we are pushing the limits with creativity, technology and new ideas to inspire a change in behaviour."

Yogesh Somani

Senior National Manager, Sales Training & Merchandising

Testimonial Image

"Our partnership with BTI is seamless and incredibly efficient. They are a valued part of our day-to-day operations and our ability to grow our business. I would recommend BTI to any brand looking for promotional elements for use across a variety of medias."

Michelle Domet Senior

Senior National Manager, Sales Training & Merchandising

Testimonial Image

"BTI has built a reputation for building brands for some of the most recognizable retailers in North America. We are very thankful to BTI for being a big part of our growth from inception to the sale of our brands that we built together."

William C. Hargis

Jr.President and CEO 4u2u Brands LLC

Testimonial Image

"The team at BTI are both creative and strategic in their approach to marketing and branding. Our relationship is a true partnership in every sense. I would highly recommend BTI to any company looking for a creative partner to help build their brand."

Renate Fox

Director, Marketing Teriyaki Experience

Testimonial Image

"It is rare that a company has the expertise and marketing insights required to handle a new product launch throughout all stages of brand development. Without question these capabilities from BTI contributed to a strong product launch and laid the foundation for future success."

Andrew Pollock

Vice President, Marketing Cott Beverages Canada

Testimonial Image

"BTI has become our go-to agency for out of the box thinking and creative ideas. Our most sincere thanks to the team at BTI for taking this project from vision to reality, and for the integral role they played in the success of Indus."

Gurpreet S. Malhotra

Chief Executive Officer Indus Community Services