Tridel Maintenance Minutes

A convenient solution for condo owne


Tridel is Canada’s leading developer and builder of condominium residences. They were developing a solution to provide resources to condo owners to maintain the upkeep of their condos. In partnership with Whirlpool Canada, they reached out to BTI to create a solution for maintenance tips for kitchen and laundry appliances.


BTI recognised that Tridel already had a series of Maintenance Minutes videos and recommended creating these videos using the same branding. BTI wrote, directed and produced a series of 7 videos outlining the use and care of Whirlpool kitchen and laundry appliances. The videos were shot within a Tridel condo to allow viewers to relate to their appliances in a familiar setting. All videos were edited to show maintenance & operational tips and had consistent Tridel Maintenance Minutes branding.


The videos simplified the task of caring for Whirlpool appliances to help condo owners maintain their appliances for longevity. The videos reside on the Tridel website, along with YouTube, garnering thousands of views, and continue to be a convenient resource for condo owners.

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