Putting the Consumer First

Branding a New Generation of Water Filters


Up against a competitive consumer landscape with minimal brand awareness, Whirlpool wanted to take their in-house brand of water filters to the next level by strengthening them to stand alone in the market as an independent brand. In addition, with 8 different water filter options and sizes to choose from, BTI found that one of the largest barriers to purchase was consumers not being able to identify the correct filter for their refrigerator.


EveryDrop® Water Filters were unveiled to the Canadian market in 2015. To support this launch, BTI conducted market research to explore how we could resolve gaps in the user journey while making an impact in brand awareness. BTI developed an easy to follow product selection guide that included custom graphics and a foolproof process to selecting the right filter, every time. Branded merchandising displays with the filter selection guide were produced, along with an in-store POP that reminded customers to change their filter every 6 months. Additionally, BTI created digital marketing assets and regular consumer promotions to drive traffic and awareness.


A strong and consistent brand presence at retailers across Canada has significantly increased brand awareness among consumers. The positive consumer response has resulted in improved purchase patterns, less questions coming into call centres as well as select creative elements being adopted into the global marketing strategy.

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