Helping Others Help Others

Taking Corporate Social Responsibility to New Heights


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives are beneficial to both the local community, and also to the corporations themselves. For their annual campaign in support of United Way, Whirlpool Canada wanted to raise the bar in both fundraising and overall employee participation.


Working closely with the Whirlpool team and their vision, BTI developed the “Get On Board” theme. Celebrating diversity and world travel, the theme was a rallying cry to employees to join the cause in support of United Way. Campaign elements included promotional materials to help generate buzz within the Whirlpool office, a participation passport book to encourage involvement, and a creative donations tracker which helped keep the campaign goals top of mind.


The “Get on Board” campaign inspired creativity amongst the campaign team, and participation amongst team members. Fundraising goals were far exceeded with a remarkable 38% increase in donations compared to the previous year, and employee participation also hit an all-time high of 90%. In 2017, “Get On Board” won the Gold award in the Pro-Bono category at the Hermes Creative Awards – an international marketing competition that honours the messengers and creators of traditional and emerging media. 

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