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BTI has been an integral part of Whirlpool Canada’s internal fundraising campaign for United Way Canada since 2008. Each year, Whirlpool raises their financial and participation goals and asks BTI to come up with a new concept that raises the bar, motivates the team and inspires action. The challenge is to outdo the many amazing themes we have created in the past, many of which have won the title of “Best United Way Campaign,” and also to re-engage and inspire the Whirlpool team by rebranding the fundraiser to keep it fresh and exciting.


To launch the 2017 campaign, BTI developed an “It’s On” theme, using popular television shows to generate curiosity and unite the Whirlpool team on common ground. For a fundraising campaign to be successful, BTI knows that you need to start by engaging your audience and encouraging their progress and participation regularly. As a result, various creative assets were created to bring the theme to life – including a variety of marketing materials, games, banners, posters and invitations. BTI even developed a customized TV channel, WCTV, that was used to promote upcoming events and display real-time fundraising statistics.


The “It’s On” campaign not only exceeded Whirlpool Canada’s fundraising goals by over 5%, but it also saw a 10% increase in employee participation in comparison to previous years’ fundraisers. “It’s On” won the Platinum award in the Pro-Bono category at the Hermes Creative Awards – an international marketing competition that honours the messengers and creators of traditional and emerging media. Whirlpool Canada is proud of their contribution to United Way in our community, and the team at BTI is honoured to give back and support such a great cause.

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