The Great Fundraiser of 2018

Engaging employees with a 1920-inspired theme


Each year Whirlpool employees raise money for the United Way through a series of fun, themed events. BTI was tasked with developing a corporate communications campaign that would motivate employees to continue to participate and donate at a high level despite the fact that fewer fundraising activities would be taking place versus previous years.


BTI came up with the 1920’s theme “The Great Fundraiser of 2018”. Campaign elements played off of iconic people and events of the roaring twenties. An elegant, Gatsby-inspired poster was printed on a special metallic stock, mirroring the dramatic glamour that the era was known for. 1920’s newspapers were the inspiration for the design of CMS driven digital screens thst announced events, displayed campaign news, tracked pledges and tallied donations


This campaign was incredibly engaging and motivating. Donations far exceeded expectations and concluded another successful year of Whirlpool supporting the United Way, who continues to improve lives by building strong and healthy communities. BTI was recognized with a gold Hermes Award for the Pro Bono work.

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