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Introducing the Dual Fuel Commercial-Style Range


With the launch of the Whirlpool Front-Control Electric Range into Best Buy stores, it was important to draw the attention of the every-day consumer. With the mass competition of major kitchen appliances available from a variety of brands, this product needed to stand out among the rest.


BTI conceptualized, directed, and produced a looping video, in English and French, to play in Best Buy stores near the floored Whirlpool front-control range models.
Based on insights provided by the brand team, we put our focus on showcasing helpful product features. Meal prep by a father and his daughter resonated on a more emotional level with the busy lives of the targeted consumer segment. Since audio was not permitted, we told the product story through text on screen paired with lifestyle footage.


The videos, produced in both English and French, ran in Best Buy stores across Canada. Best Buy saw a rise in sales for KitchenAid ranges which was strongly correlated to the implementation of the video presence.

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